How to use the Compendium Faceted Search

Upon arrival on the compendium search page you will notice that all the possible content pieces are automatically available or matched. The results indicate all the content in the compendium and the categories on the left column or the ‘facets’ will show the total content pieces in each category that match. In other words upon entry the 7 Essentials Care Strategy category has a (1) to the right of it, this shows that one piece matches in all the active content pieces in the compendium. In the center of the page you will see the first 20 pieces of the matched results.

Upon arrival the Grey Bar above the compendium search displays the Current Search Criteria with no information listed.

There are many ways to drill down to limit your results.

1.       Clicking on one or more of the facet categories may recalculate the total results and may also recalculate each of the results in the facet categories. For example you might select 7 Essentials and the result set will go to 1 and you will see what other categories or setting still match the 7 Essential content by looking at the number in the parentheses next to the category name.


Clicking a category of care strategy or care setting will automatically list that term in the Current Search Criteria grey bar.


2.       Using the drop down boxes above the content results may also qualify your results. The drop downs cover Provider Types, Patient Types, and Resource Types. Clicking one or of these may recalculate the total results and the faceted category results in the parentheses next to the category term.

Clicking a value from a drop down box automatically lists that term in the Current Search Criteria list in the grey bar.


3.       Keywords may be entered as well. Enter a word or words into the keyword field and either click the magnifying glass or hit enter.  A keyword will match the text and codes of any Compendium content (Title, Description, Provider Type, Patient Type, Resource Type, Setting, Strategy or special keywords entered for that item). Keyword entry may impact the results. Depending upon when it is used it may reduce the results (used with one of the above entries) or increase the results (used with another keyword) Multiple keywords use an ‘OR’ operator to find any matches.

As with the drop downs and the categories, a keyword entered will automatically be listed in the Current Search Criteria grey bar.

To clear search criteria, click the red circle on the right of it in the Current Search Criteria grey bar.  To clear ALL the search criteria click the Clear Search link on the right side of the grey bar. To clear keywords remove the term and hit return or click the magnifying glass.


The results central area of the page lists the title, date of compendium entry, part of the description and a URL link if appropriate. For the full description click the ‘More’ button on the bottom right of the content piece.

The URL will either link to another webpage or to the content itself where it can be downloaded in most cases.



The default sort for results is the date of entry into the Compendium from most recent to least recent or ‘Descending’. The Sort By drop down across from the results total will change the sort. The options for sort include entry date ascending, entry date descending, alphabetic A-Z or alphabetic Z-A.


On the bottom of the left column there is a button labeled Feedback. Clicking this button will display a page where a user might enter comments about the compendium search or other comments.

Suggest Content:

Another button on the bottom of the categories on the left column is the Suggested Content. If you want to suggest a type of content to be added to the compendium enter the information in this area.