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Senate Chronic Care Working Group Releases List of Priorities

Posted on 12/18/2015 by NTOCC ® in Public Policy Updates

Today, the Senate Chronic Care Working Group released a list of priorities to improve health outcomes for Medicare patients with chronic conditions. This is the first step toward producing bipartisan legislation that will most likely introduced in 2016. Transitional Care received a lot of big advances in this policy document and we are excited to share the following highlights with you.

Here is the entire position paper for your review.
NTOCC Priorities outlined by the Working Group include the following policies under consideration :
  • Waiving the beneficiary copay for the chronic care management code and other codes
  • Advancing team-based health care
  • Creation of a new high-severity chronic care management code
  • Improve the integration of care for individuals with chronic disease and a behavior health disorder
  • Flexibility in MA plans to implement care improvement or wellness programs for the chronic conditions
  • Developing Quality Measures for Chronic Conditions
As a reminder, NTOCC has worked closely with the Working Group to develop these priorities. We will continue carefully going through the paper to identify ways that NTOCC can assist the Working Group in their effort. There is an opportunity to provide comments by January 26, 2016.  NTOCC will be developing comments and we encourage your individual organization to do the same.
Please contact us with any questions.