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President Releases Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 Budget

Posted on 2/3/2015 by NTOCC ® in Public Policy Updates

Today, President Obama released his $4.066 trillion budget proposal for fiscal year (FY) 2016, outlining the administration’s policy priorities for the coming year, which is largely viewed as a Democratic blueprint for lofty policy proposals that will face strong opposition by the Republican-controlled Congress.

A portion of the President’s budget mentions a set of proposals intended to build on initiatives found in the Affordable Care Act, including proposals that that would have an impact on transitional care, such as:

·         A proposal to encourage efficient post-acute care by adjusting payment updates and other payment medications for certain post-acute care providers;

·         A proposal to modify health care payment restructures to reward providers for optimal care;

·         A proposal that would encourage post-acute providers, such as nursing homes and home health agencies, to deliver care efficiently by making a single (bundled) payment for such services; and,

·         Increased support to advance interoperable health IT as part of delivery system reform while protecting patient privacy.

In the coming weeks, House and Senate appropriating and authorizing committees will be holding hearings to consider the President’s budget proposal. However, we do not anticipate this budget to make any meaningful headway in either the Senate or the House.

NTOCC staff will continue to monitor news on the President’s budget, and will also be monitoring the House and Senate Committees as they begin work on their own budget numbers to identify opportunities or challenges to NTOCC’s policy priorities.

We have also attached a high level summary of all health proposals included in the President’s budget. The full budget may be accessed here