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NTOCC Update: September Health Affairs Highlights Transitional Care

Posted on 9/10/2014 by NTOCC ® in Public Policy Updates

The September Issue of Health Affairs includes two articles of interest for the transitional care community. The first, “THE CARE SPAN: Transitional Care Interventions Prevent Hospital Readmissions For Adults With Chronic Illnesses” explores the role that transitional care plays in preventing hospital readmissions. The study found the following activities significantly reduced short-term readmission rates – communication between the primary care provider and the hospital, a home visit within three days, and care-coordination by a nurse.

For longer term readmissions, they argue that nurse care coordination could be even more important.  Overall, the article highlights the importance of NTOCC’s seven essential intervention categories.  To read the entire article, please visit Health Affairs at


In addition, former NTOCC Advisor Council Member, Suzanne Geffen Mintz, highlights her experience of becoming a patient while also a caregiver in “The Double Helix: When The System Fails The Intertwined Needs Of Caregiver And Patient.”  According to AARP’s 2011 update, family caregivers give up to $450 billion of care every year.  However this delicate balance can fall apart when the caregiver becomes ill themselves.  Mintz demonstrates the lack of support that the current health care environment provides and how this important population can fall through the current cracks.  She discusses options like coordinated care plans and the ability to look at the patient/caregiver as a team as steps to help remedy this important issue.  To read the article, please visit