NTOCC Foundation

NTOCC has established the NTOCC Foundation. This 501(c)3 foundation is a charitable, not for profit organization was created to support the mission and vision of NTOCC.  

NTOCC has become a trailblazer in the area of transitions of care — the goal of the Coalition is to become the trusted source of information for transitions of care resources. Each year the momentum toward achieving this goal picks up and we get closer to reaching that mark.  In order to continue doing this important and necessary work, it is imperative that we have the volunteer and financial resources to meet our goals.

As an NTOCC supporter, you can add to the momentum by making a contribution of $15 or $20 to assist NTOCC in continuing to enhance the current tools as well as develop new resources.  Your donation will make a direct impact in lessening the gaps in transitions by supporting NTOCC’s:

  • Continued public policy updates and alerts
  • Ability to maintain and update content in the TOC Compendium
  • Enhancement of the functionality within the TOC Evaluation software
  • Provider & consumer resources for improving transitions of care
  • IMPACT newsletter
  • 2014 NTOCC Knowledge and Resource Center – to launch in 4th quarter 2014, offering industry resources to improve transitions
  • Informational and clinical transition of care webinar series.

Each of the above resources are provide at no cost to the provider, consumer or payer except for the continuing education webinars which are held at a minimal charge.  However, the fact remains that NTOCC cannot continue to deliver these important resources without financial support from the community.  Your contribution is tax deductible and will provide the support needed to continue NTOCC’s mission and vision: To improve transitions of care across the healthcare industry.  This goal can be achieved by supporting patients, family caregivers and providers through promotion of public policy, education and focused solutions that advance collaborative patient-centered care.

NTOCC login areas are currently offline.
If you need support to donate to the Foundation, please contact NTOCC for support at support@ntocc.org or valemmons@gmail.com or by calling (501) 240-4677. Meanwhile, enjoy the resources on NTOCC's website.