Partners Council

The Partners Council is a select group of companies representing various segments of health care and support industries. Members include companies in the pharmaceutical, acute care delivery, managed care, retail pharmacy, medical device manufacturing, health care service and information technology sectors. The Strategic Council is a diverse body bringing together unique experiences, skill sets, products and solutions that, when aligned with the objectives of the Advisors Council, allow NTOCC to further the mission of advancing solutions to transition of care challenges.


Companies that are invited to join the NTOCC Partners Council receive a number of opportunities to promote their involvement and work on solutions:

  • Extensive recognition of Strategic support on the Coalition website, official communications and public relations activities.
  • An exclusive “NTOCC Strategic Council” logo for use in promotional and awareness activities.
  • Quarterly meetings of the Strategic Council to advise the Executive Director on developments related to Transitions of Care and make recommendations on areas of focus for NTOCC activities.
  • Opportunity to nominate at least one participant to one of the NTOCC work groups and serve alongside Advisors Council representatives.
  • Opportunities to participate in public and government relations activities.
  • Discounts on complimentary registration to NTOCC events.
  • Discounts on sponsorship and networking opportunities at NTOCC events.
  • Ability to work with the Advisors Council, Associate Members and Subscribers in developing and testing products and services that improve transitional care and meet industry needs.

For additional information on the NTOCC Partners Council, contact:

Cheri Lattimer